Wall Mounted EV Charging Station

The function of a wall mounted charging station is similar to that of a gas station's gas dispenser. It can be fixed on the ground or on the wall, installed in public buildings (such as public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. The voltage level for charging various types of electric vehicles.

Vertical EV Charging Station

The split type DC charging station is suitable for installation in outdoor environments (outdoor parking lots, roadside). In addition, gas stations, airports, train stations, bus stations, and other places with high pedestrian flow also require this type of fast charging equipment.

Smart Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors achieve fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. Its applications include restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office halls, bedrooms, offices, computer rooms, communication rooms, movie or television projection rooms, stairs, walkways, elevator rooms, and other places with electrical fire hazards such as bookstores and archives.

Smart Fire Alarm

The automatic fire alarm system is suitable for places where people live and are often stranded, places where important materials are stored, or places where serious pollution occurs after combustion and requires timely alarm.

(1) Regional alarm system: suitable for protected objects that only require alarms and do not require linkage with automatic fire equipment.

(2) Centralized alarm system: suitable for protected objects with linkage requirements.

(3) Control center alarm system: It is generally suitable for building clusters or large protected objects, which may have several fire control rooms set up. It may also adopt products from different enterprises or different series of products from the same enterprise due to phased construction, or multiple centralized fire alarm controllers are set up due to system capacity limitations. In these cases, the control center alarm system should be selected.

Smart Water Meter

The use of remote intelligent water meters is very extensive, and can be applied in various aspects such as residential buildings, renovation of old residential areas, schools, urban and rural water supply, urban road greening, farmland water conservancy irrigation, railway train water replenishment, etc. The remote intelligent water meter solves the problem of difficult meter reading caused by scattered installation and hidden location in different fields, improves the efficiency of meter reading work, and avoids errors caused by manual reading.

Smart Electric Meter

Electricity meters are mainly used to measure the volume or capacity of electricity, and common application scenarios include: power tracking, generator control, photovoltaic power generation control, analysis of grid security, power station management, etc. It can monitor the consumption of electricity, detect leaks in power lines, maintain the reliability of electricity, help power companies improve energy utilization, reduce energy waste, ensure electricity safety, and save social electricity costs.

Smart Robot

Automobile manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of the automobile industry and robot industry, robots have played more and more roles in the production of the automobile manufacturing industry. Assemblers, porter, operators, welders, and glue applicators have evolved various robots to replace human beings in low temperature, high temperature, and dangerous environments to complete repetitive, simple, and heavy production work. Not only does it ensure product quality, but it also improves efficiency.

The electronic and electrical industry. The application of robots in the electrical and electronic industry is second only to the demand in the automotive manufacturing industry, and the sales of robots have been increasing year by year. In recent years, electronics and appliances have been developing towards refinement. Robots are widely used in the field of electronic IC/SMD components, especially in the application of automation systems for a series of processes such as touch screen detection, scrubbing, and film application. Therefore, whether it is a robotic arm or a more high-end human application, production efficiency will be significantly improved after being put into use.