OEM /ODM Multiparameter Water Dissolve Oxigen Sensors Meter Smart Water Meter Wifi Water Do Sensor

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Fine Materials

lts made of brass, which isresistant to oxidation, rustand corrosion, and has along service life.


Use four-pointer measure-ment, multi-stream beam,large range, good measure-ment accuracy, small startingflow, convenient writing.accurate measurement.

Easy Maintenance

Adopt corrosion-resistantmovement, stable perfor-mance, long service life,easy replacement andmaintenance.

Shell Material

Use brass, gray iron,ductile iron, engineeringplastics, stainless steel andother materials, applica-tion widely.

Technical Characteristics

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◆The point-to-point communication distance can reach 2KM;

◆ Fully self-organizing network, automatically optimizing routing, automatically discovering and deleting nodes;

Under the spread spectrum reception mode, the maximum reception sensitivity of the wireless module can reach -148dBm;

◆ Adopting spread spectrum modulation with strong anti-interference ability, ensuring effective and stable data transmission;

◆Without replacing the existing mechanical water meter, remote data transmission can be achieved by installing a wireless communication LORA module;

◆The routing function between relay modules adopts a robust mesh like (MESH) structure, which greatly increases the stability and reliability of the system's performance;

◆ Separate structure design, the water supply management department can install the ordinary water meter first according to the needs, and then install the remote transmission electronic module when there is a need for remote transmission. Laying the foundation for IoT remote transmission and smart water technology, implementing them step by step, making them more flexible and convenient.

Application Functions

◆ Active data reporting mode: Proactively report meter reading data every 24 hours;

◆ Implement time-division frequency reuse, which can copy several networks in the entire area with one frequency;

◆ Adopting a non magnetic communication design to avoid magnetic adsorption and extend the service life of the mechanical parts;

The system is based on LoRa communication technology and adopts a simple star network structure, with low communication delay and long and reliable transmission distance;

◆ Synchronous communication time unit; Frequency modulation technology avoids co frequency interference to improve transmission reliability, and adaptive algorithms for transmission rate and distance effectively improve system capacity;

◆ No complex construction wiring is required, with a small amount of work. The concentrator and water meter form a star shaped network, and the concentrator forms a network with the backend server through GRPS/4G. The network structure is stable and reliable.

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Flow range

Q1~Q3 (Q4 short time work not change error)

Ambient temperature


Ambient moisture


Water temperature

cold water meter 1℃~40℃, hot watr meter 0.1℃~90℃

Water pressure

0.03MPa~1MPa (short time work 1.6MPa not leak, no damage)

Pressure loss


Straight pipe length

fore water meter is 10 times of DN, behind water meter is 5 times of DN

Flow direction

should be the same as the arrow on the body directs


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