Fire Alarm of 3V WIFI Smoke Detector with Excellent Performance

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With the increasing use of fire and electricity in modern homes, the frequency of home fires is increasing. Once a family fire occurs, it is easy to encounter adverse factors such as untimely firefighting, lack of firefighting equipment, panic among the present, and delayed escape, ultimately leading to significant loss of life and property. Exploring the characteristics and fire prevention strategies of family fires is of practical significance for preventing family fires and reducing fire losses.

In modern urban families, many people fail to understand family safety knowledge and cause fire accidents, which can quickly destroy a good and happy family. Some may lead to the destruction of their families, and in the event of a household fire, improper handling and delayed alarm can cause casualties. Therefore, people should actively understand the main causes of family fires, master knowledge of fire prevention and methods to protect themselves in the event of a fire, and promptly eliminate it.


More than 50000 serious family fires occur in the UK every year, with most of them causing casualties and significant family property damage, and some even involving neighbors, resulting in even more severe fire losses. When investigating the cause of the fire, the vast majority of the parties involved in the families where the fire occurred said that they used to think that the fire was someone else's business and far away from themselves, but did not expect it to happen to them this time.

The main cause of family fires is carelessness and failure to take timely preventive measures.

In some large and medium-sized cities, household fires occur almost every day, so fire prevention is a problem that every family must always pay attention to. If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance based on the actual situation of your home, some tragedies can be completely avoided.

1. Support 433MHz frequency, ook and FSK encoding, RF sub-device wireless access of e1527 transmission protocol, no wiring, improve the installation efficiency, reduce the cost of Installation;

2. Can trigger the functions of deleting and adding sub device via pressing the “test”button;

3. Support the selection of sound and light mode, can choose the mode of sound and light or the mode of light;

4. RF up to + 20 DBM transmit power and - 121 DBM sensitivity;

5. Support self-test, after powered on, can trigger the self-test by pressing the test button;

6. Support remote control test: cancel equipment alarm, testing sound types are:119, 120,110 three voices;

7. Support 120pcs sub devices of detector or 120pcs ls-107’s sub devices;

8. Support voice volume adjustment function, classes: 1 ~ 15.




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